1. The camera genius behind the Google Pixel camera has left the company

The Camera. One of the only reasons people bought a pixel.

Poor Google (I hope this doesn’t financially break them) have lost the genius behind their award winning camera on the much criticised Pixel phone. He didn’t die. He just left the company.

Which is bitter sweet for phone manufacturer. They have been known for having an industry leading camera, and apart from the woeful battery life in it’s smaller size, the Pixel 4 was a great phone. Unfortunately in the big world of phone makers the sales have never been that successful. Even though they make the operating system, and have direct access to make their phone and its OS one. Similar to Apple’s iPhone.

But unlike Apple they only sold 2 million of these puppies in half a year. Apple…well they sold 74 million iPhones…in half the time.

No company is one man though, so hopefully it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for the one tent pole feature we could all rely on every year to be wowed by.

2. Google Chrome will let you group tabs soon

This isn’t too many tabs is it?

For some of you. The photo above will give you anxiety, for others you won’t see any problems. I’m in the former by the way.

Anyhow, with many of us working online now and our browser being a de-facto operating system of sorts, Google has stepped up to the plate and is helping us out.

In their next version of Chrome they will roll out Tab grouping. You can find out more on their post here, but it essentially allows you to create groups, like work, or social for example and it highlights them with a sexy little line and colour behind it. Like this:

Not gonna lie. This looks cool.

Will it make you more productive? Maybe. Will it make you more attractive? Yes.

Chrome automatically updates for you, so it will just appear at some stage next week.

3. Unreal Engine 5 shows what the PS5 will do to your eyeballs


Unreal Engine released its latest version of its hugely popular game engine today, and it looks breathtaking. Check out the video here:


It looks like Playstation won this round after Xbox released some opening titles last week. Though fret not gamers. Whatever the PS5 can do in terms of utilising the new unreal engine 5, the Xbox will be able to do match. Either way, it’s going to be a fun 2021.

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