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1. Apple announces virtual WWDC

These Memoji‘s are thoroughly modern

For the first time in Apple’s history they have announced the dates for their Virtual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). It kicks off on June 22, and will be streamed from Apple’s headquarters.

It makes a nice change for their overhyped WWDCs in years past, where they‘ve made such exciting announcements such as as iCloud, Mobile Me and Safari on Windows.

Recently it’s where the new versions of iOS and MacOS have been announced for the coming year, and it looks like this year won’t be any different in that respect.

You’ll probably remember the launch of iOS 7, that totally changed the entire look of the phone, causing old people everywhere to wonder what the hell had happened.

2. GoDaddy Hacked

Create a website that gets found by Google, and hackers

The CEO for GoDaddy, America’s favourite website host announced two days ago that their servers were hacked, exposing millions of users logins and passwords.

The one small fact that they snuck in there. It happened 7 months ago. Yep that’s right. Your entire website and possibly email was hacked 7 months ago and they kind of didn’t tell you.

How did that one not leak out months ago? Things you don’t want to hear happened 7 months ago? Your website was hacked, and you got someone pregnant.

Either way, if you are a GoDaddy user..firstly…why? Secondly, it’s time to change your password and turn on 2 factor authentication.

3. Twitter testing warning you about a profanity you are about to post


In an attempt to clean up their service, Twitter are testing new functionality where they will warn you that you are about to tweet a profanity.

Um, yeah that’s the point of the tweet. Why else would I go online and swear at complete strangers if I wasn’t pissed.

Also, have you ever tried to tell someone that was angry that they should calm down? How did that go for you?

Also, if Twitter want to reduce profanities on their service, just ban Trump. Closing his account would reduce the curse words on Twitter by about 90%.

It’s not the first time a social media service attempted to reduce offensive language on their platform. Facebook and Instagram do a similar thing, alerting them that some users have been blocked for using similar language.

I might finish with that it isn’t blocking your tweet or account, unless you really go over the edge and people start reporting you. They don’t want to reduce the platform to 6 users.


  1. So if you have a GoDaddy account, make sure you change your password… 7 months ago…

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