Not content in having a swing at Android, it’s the iPhone’s turn. What do I think is missing from iPhone and iOS in 2020?

What an amazing 3d Background

So here it is – in no particular order the three most important things that iPhone and iOS is missing in 2020

Number one – default apps

Oh Apple. Please let Spotify play nicely.

I’m not gonna lie. There is going to be a consistent theme running through this article, and we are going to start it off with what would be the easiest thing for Apple to implement. 

Default Apps. So what do I mean by default apps? Doesn’t the iphone already have default apps. Well, yes, they do. They aren’t fancy and have all the bells and whistles, but they certainly do the job.

The trick that I think iphone is missing is that you can’t change the default apps to whatever app you want to.

Here’s an example, and it’s an obvious one. Apple Maps. Look, I understand. You are really trying your best. And you are doing a really great job at trying hard. And there are plenty of people that have no problems with Apple Maps. There are…seriously. 

But, wouldn’t it be really useful. If I could make Google Maps my default navigation app of choice? So if I said this:

“Hey Siri navigate me to movie world”

That it would just throw me into Google Maps instead of Apple maps. 

Let’s be fair there are work-arounds. And Apple has tried hard to make it less of a hurdle to allow some third party apps become….second class citizens. But there is still plenty of work to do.

An obvious contender would be replacing Safari with another default browser, or Spotify as the default for music. 

On Android you can set default apps for most interlinking between apps, and it’s easy to setup, easy to change and you can even set it to only open in an app once if you want. Perfect

Number Two – Updated springboard

Seriously Apple. Yawn.

What is springboard you might be wondering? Well springboard, dear friends, is what we affectionately call Apple’s “desktop” and grid of icons. 

Seriously Apple. It’s living in the past. You can’t keep expecting me to be happy when you make me put an icon in a certain spot on a screen. Only have one row of apps on a screen? Well you better be happy with using two hands on a large phone to get to it.

And. Widgets. They are useful, maybe not all the time, but they have already implemented widgets in iOS, but it’s on the notification screen, or on the side swipe area thingo. Annoying. 

Android have implemented a way to utilise widgets that look great. I understand they aren’t always updated, or useful, but they bring some much needed style and customisation to your phone that you just don’t get on iPhone. 

While we are on the subject of springboard, can we please fix up the dumpster fire that is iOS notifications. Oh did you want to actually remove the notification after you swiped it away? I’m sorry I can’t do that.  Android has done such a great job of implementing useful notifications that it seems a shame that notifications are so annoying that they are pretty much ignored completely at this point. You know..exactly the opposite of what they should do.

Think Different Apple.

Number Three – Range of phone designs

Welcome…to the future.

Finally, the range of phone designs. I don’t necessarily want to see folding phones till they are baked in, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of different sizes, or styles. 

Apple is the only maker of iPhone, so you’d think we’d at the very least get a brand new design every year. Nope. 

If you have an iphone 11 Pro Max, you’d be hard pressed to spot the difference between that and an iPhone X at first glance.

Remember the iPhone 4…that slippery little sucker was niiiice.

On the android side. You want a phone shaped like a square? No probs. Want a phone that has two screens? We gotcha. Want a phone that could fit into a body cavity? Perfect. 

We have a massive range of sizes, styles and pricing to pick from. How very lucky we are. Apple, take some notes.

So there you have it, 3 things that I believe iPhone is missing in 2020.

What do you think iPhone is missing? Do you think I’m wrong? Comment down below and let me know what you think is missing.

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